The Wolfpack Issue


There's been much buzz about The Hangover's Alan lurking around the Cooper River Bridge Run this year (it's actually his second go at it), so much so that a rogue cover entrant appeared in Charleston editor-in-chief Darcy Shankland's cache of May cover choices. And why not? Has Charleston ever had a Wolfpack Issue? Come to think of it, has anyone?

Back story: In the midst of deciding on the cover image for the upcoming Arts Issue, Darcy sent a couple frontrunner options out to a small group of friends to get their feedback. This is what she got back from pal Michael Wallen... aka ALAN (who in real life is a big wig at Adobe, a father to a totally normal one-year-old, and a Charleston native). The following message was attached:
How about going with a real local celebrity... some would say a loner.
(Cover photo credits: from left, Folklore Productions, Andy Philipson, both courtesy of Spoleto Festival USA; hot mess collage by Michael Wallen)