Today's Pie in the Sky?

Everything you need to know about Rescue Pizza, UPDATED—the pics, the tweets, and how the delivery guy woulda had an easier time without all that traffic. Photo by Post & Courier's Grace Beahm

... ONE MORE UPDATE: See what Jay Leno had to say about The Pizza Rescue Wednesday night on The Tonight Show here! (Fast forward to the 5-minute mark to see the mention.)



STORY UPDATE: We spoke to the GM at Andolini's Coleman Blvd. shop, AJ Castle, and though a national outlet was reporting the pie came from D'Allessandro's, he confirms it came from them. The pepperoni pizza was called in by the officer stationed on the bridge at 10:15 a.m. (before Ando's opens), and picked up by the officer at 11:15. The officer said he and his team had been up on the bridge all morning and were getting hungry for lunch. Andolini's staff learned the pizza had actually been used to save the jumper about 90 minutes after it was picked up. Wicked smart, those cops.


As for Castle? He says people have been asking him all afternoon what it feels like to be a hero. His response?


"We're just here doing what we do every day. Making the best pizza we know how to make."


Well said, AJ Castle. Well. Said.


Question, what wouldn't we do for pizza? Just think about that for a second. And make it Andolini's? You've got yourself a deal, chief—any deal, even if it's criminal. 


Which brings us to what happened on the Ravenel Bridge today. Per Twitter, of course.


It went down like this:

- Just before 7 a.m., a man climbs to the water-side of the guard rail on the South-bound lane of the
  Ravenel Bridge, threatening to jump.

- Law enforcement respond immediately, closing two lanes of the bridge and trying to talk the man
  back from the ledge.

- Negotiations proceed for another five hours. People wait. No one goes anywhere. They're probably

  all thirsty. Hungry. Maybe craving... I don't know, Italian?

- Law enforcement agent offers the man a large Andolini's pepperoni pizza.

- Man is taken safely from the ledge and into custody of law enforcement.


Photograph by Post and Courier photographer Grace Beahm, orginally posted on Twitter by Glenn Smith (@glennsmith5)


Here's how the news broke via Twitter:



Locals' responses?



We at Grit? a) Heavy on the Veggie gets our vote for best tweet. b) We look forward to the ensuing, requisite argument over whether the dude's a selfish jerk or a guy in need of a little TLC. (Like this one, circa 2012.) Don't forget to be as passionate/sincere/irreverent/clever as you blast out your Twitter scoldings. Bring it on.