Dressing on a Dime—Charleston Fashion Week

Want to look hip at Fashion Week this year but don’t want to blow your paycheck?



Want to look hip at Fashion Week this year but don’t want to blow your paycheck? I’ve got you covered here with 4 trendy, fashionable looks that you can build from your own closet, a quick trip to goodwill, or from an inexpensive retailer. Hopefully you’re not camera shy—because people will be wanting to snap photos of your stylish get-up!


Ahh—the smell of fashion is in the air! With New York Fashion Week just wrapping up, I am getting fueled up with excitement for our own local production- Charleston Fashion Week 2016. This year is the 10th anniversary of CFW, which means they’ll be pulling out all the stops- top designers, guest judges, great model talents, sponsors, and more. What fun it is to dress to the nines, grab a cocktail from the tents, and watch art walk down the runway.  I’m here to help with the getting dressed part! After reviewing the runways and street styles from NY Fashion Week, I’ve pulled 4 looks to recreate (without the high price tag). Come with me to the thrift store and take another glimpse in your own closet to put together these cool, fashion-forward looks on a budget! 


Look 1: NYC Street Style—Layering fabrics and textures; leather, metallic, and fur.

Jacket: Thrifting fur jackets are my favorite! I found this awesome neutral fur at Goodwill. Perfect for this outfit.
Top: White lace blouse. Thrift stores typically have an abundance of blouses in all different colors. I hit the jackpot with this cool top.
Skirt: I wasn’t fortunate enough to find a gold metallic skirt at goodwill, but found this inexpensive skirt on Hm.com for $20.
Tights: Layer this fun skirt over a pair of black tights- perhaps your already have these in your closet! If not, they’re super cheap at Forever21.
Boots: Found these INCREDIBLE boots at the thrift store



Look 2: NYC Runway—Mid-Long Suede Fringe Skirt with Long Sleeved Top.


Top: I did not find this exact top while shopping, but found an awesome skin-revealing top that will go perfectly with a long skirt. Forever21—Double-Wrap Crop Top $17.90
Skirt: while I couldn’t find the exact color of the skirt, I found in incredible long fringe skirt in black with a slit... LOVE! 


Shoes: Though I love the look of her metallic sandals, I want to switch this up. I found these cool cobalt blue in the same style as the runway, but adds a pop of color! 




Look 3: NYC Runway—Monochromatic 3-piece

I love, love, love a monochromatic (shades of the same color) outfit. The army green shown in NYFW is great, but I wanted to do another example of a monochromatic look. (I encourage you to try this look in all shades of the rainbow!)
I found all of these great pieces at goodwill to create this Pewter monochromatic outfit! Mixing textures and shades of pewter together, this is one of my favorite looks. 
Jacket: This long duster is great!
Skirt: I found this great short silver skirt. Adds a nice element of metallic to the outfit.
Top: This textured tank had bits of gray and silver in it.
Shoes: Chunky heels in the same color family. I found these at Forever21.com for $34.90.


Look 4: NYC Runway—Effortless Chic Sportswear

ON A DIME: I scored big at the thrift store for these finds. This outfit is something you can probably mix and match from your closet as well.
Top: If you don’t already have a plaid bottom-up at home, there were plenty to choose from at the goodwill. Remember to roll the sleeves.
Skirt: Found this great black mid-length skirt with a slit. The slit is key as it give this sporty look a little sex appeal. 
Belt: Goodwill has GREAT belts! I found this perfect brown leather belt to tie the outfit together.
Shoes: Try to match the belt with a brown heel.  I found these cute heeled sandals with some decorative tassels that would dress this up a bit at h&m.com 

I know that each thrift store experience will be completely different, but thats the fun in thrifting! The goal is to be original and creative. These photos that I pulled from NY Fashion Week are amazing inspiration, but you can let your imagination run a bit and if you see something that stands out, go for it! You have a variety to choose from when you’re thrifting, so find what works best for you while mixing and matching- it doesn’t have to look exactly like the inspiration photo. Good luck and I hope you have a wonderful time at Charleston Fashion Week 2016!