Hottest Halloween costume ideas for 2018! 

  • Netflix and Chill Costume

This is a classic no matter what year, and it is always an essay one to throw together in a pinch. Sexy, sultry stare required. 

  • Stranger Things Adult Demogorgon

Anything Stranger Things is always a trendy choice, but trends don't come cheap. This costume costs around $70 to purchase online.

  • Orange Is The New Black Costume

Grab your gal-pals and get to the nearest uniform store for a creative costume that's both fun and comfortable! All you need is a pair of scrubs and sneakers, but maybe you should splurge for the plastic knife instead of grabbing one from your kitchen. 

  • Wonder Woman Costume

With the release of the most recent wonder woman franchise, a whole new generation of people are loving this superhero! 

  • Bob Ross Costume

Looking for something funny that only your artistic and/or YouTube-obsessed friends will understand? Bob Ross will always be a fun and creative idea!

  • Mother Nature 

This is always a winner, especially in a place as eco-conscious as Charleston. Mother Nature is trendy and timeless, and a good way to get your friends using those little plastic straws at bars to stop stirring with plastic.

  • Snapchat Filter Costumes

What is more fun than a real-life Snapchat filter? Use face paint to draw on the funny tounges, and add dog or cat ears to make it even more realistic. Just make sure you don't have to go to class or work the next day. Sometimes all that face paint is difficult to scrape off your skin.