Behind the Scenes at CFW: Hair & Makeup

Backstage beauty at Charleston Fashion Week, courtesy of Bailey Bial.


Wow, what a week! I can’t believe Charleston Fashion Week® 2015 has already come and gone, but it was a terrific production, and I want to share a bit of my experience behind the scenes as a member of the CFW Hair & Makeup team. 

This year was my fourth year on the Hair & Makeup team, which is led/directed by the FABULOUS Ashley Brook Perryman, who truly works so hard putting this team together. (Seriously, so much work every year and she rocks it out every time with endless enthusiasm along the way. It's incredible, and I have so much admiration for her.) The team consists of 15 hairstylists, 15 makeup artists, and several awesome assistants and interns. To become a member of the team, you must submit your application, interview, audition, and hope for the best! 
It’s such an amazing experience—doing something you love, working with other inspiring and creative talents, and becoming family with all of fashion week. It’s so great, and here’s a look at some of my experience.
Day 1: 
Everyone is setup and already getting the models ready for the show! Here is Ashley at the head of the Hair & Makeup tables. When she’s not running around, she puts herself to work as much as possible.
We definitely cannot complain about the amazing products we each get for being a part of the team. Paul Mitchell hooks it up with pretty much anything/everything we need, including several hair sprays, sea spray, gloss drops, men’s pomades, dry shampoo, and more. 
Oh, and my sweet friend Claire Slover brought me a "congrats on being on the team/CFW kickoff" card and flowers….um, so nice and thoughtful. THANK YOU!! Great way to start the week!
Here’s Sandy, Victor, and Cierra putting gold in a model's hair for the Richelle Valenzuela show—super-cool touch. We love hanging/chatting and getting to know the models every year—they’re great.
Had to hit up the afterparty for a bit with some of the team members. Above are Bryan, Richard, Casey, and I. (And Zac, not on the team, but new friend and an emerging designer from CFW 14.)
Day 2:
Teammate Kelli and I (Cierra successfully photobombing) on Day 2—we are ready to get started!
Finished a braid for Mosaic, and I’m obsessed with this look. Killer



Extremely sleek low ponies were gorgeous for Art Institute’s runway.



So, Ashley (being the fun, thoughtful person that she is) had a PIG come backstage as a little entertainment. It was so cute! And so funny to see this little lady snorting around backstage in the tents. 



Here’s my team member Myers working her magic. The models drink out of straws so they don’t ruin their lipstick! 


Day 3:



Here’s a Day 3 selfie!



Braids! We ended up fattening the braids later on, and they looked insane on the runway for Dinah Lightsey. (Models are always on their phones.)
Loved these floral head pieces for Belk’s Garden Party show.
Day 4:
Here’s a look at the makeup side! They are always killing it. 
In the background, you see posters hung up, which are called “story boards.” There is a story board for each designer, and it shows their inspiration, hair, and makeup specifications. Each night, they are hung up, and we review them before we start work on the models. Ashley and her interns work so hard making the story boards, and I don’t know what we would do without them every night! 


Day 5: (We were at the tents at 6 am, so I didn’t take a ton of photos that day. We have to start early for the bridal show, which is an incredibly gorgeous show. I kind of wish I was watching it from the runway!)



Day 5, Part II: (Back at 4pm to start the finale show)

Here is a gorgeous infinity rope braid for Seam Siren’s show.
I just love this effortless, loose low ponytail for Andie Enomoto and Taylor Kaclik
We ended the night with a final team powwow, where Ashley thanked us all again for being a part of the team. All had a few cries about our love for each other, then popped some champagne! Cheers! 
The afterparty (and after afterparty) were noteworthy as well. 
Can’t wait for next year! 

Here are a few photos of my work, as seen on the runway and backstage.

(Photos credited to both Jonathan Balliet and Jason Benjamin)