Holiday Gift Guide "Batten down the hatches"

Holiday Gift Guide "Batten down the hatches"

Every low country home should have this survival basket!!

Shop local, be local, donate local.

But ship everywhere else!

The low country is blessed to offer a cornucopia of entrepreneurial shopping experiences. Unlike the big box stores, local vendors don’t fill our mailboxes up with sales flyers, so we usually scout them out by dropping in, word of mouth or through our local publications and blogs.  

At the urging of Hooper Schultz for a few gift guide contributions, I decided to do a Category 1-2 Hurricane relief gift guide. Not to be confused with a “Gone with the wind kind of hurricane.” Just something to get us through the unpleasantries and inconvenience of those nasty little Nor’easters.

Fill a basket, box or an inner tube with these goodies and add a bow!  

Wine: Wine Cellar at 1317 Theater Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464. Great selections and gifts.

Glasses: Rewined “Rocks” glasses. 

Candles: Candlefish & Rewined,  (you're starting to get the theme now right?) My fave, No. 63-Water Fruits, Linen, Woods.

Find them at 71 Wentworth Street Charleston, South Carolina 29401

Matches: Candlefish.

Wine soap: Candlefish.

Survival Kit: Candlefish, if the power does fail, your party survival kit will help you through the rest. 

After Hurricane Matthew this fall, I decided to add a few more. 

Chocolate: Christophe’s Artisan Chocolates, 90 Society St, Charleston, SC 29401

Fresh catch water drum: Royall Ace Hardware, don’t let the brand fool you, they are about as local as you can get. 883 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Journal/Books: Blue Bicycle Books, 420 King Street, Charleston.   

Emergency radio: Royall Ace Hardware, 883 Ben Sawyer Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

This gift basket may also alleviate post-election trauma.  And — I’m pretty sure it won’t be re-gifted like that Vermont teddy bear, sausage log or fruit cake basket you got last year.