Hidden F&B: Dame Oops full episode

Falling flat, getting up. That's the mantra of this panel of women professionals succeeding in the hospitality industry.
This is the panel of guests for Hidden F&B dames oops


By Helen Mitternight


"Every time you make a mistake, get back up. It gets easier each time. Be patient with yourself."  — Johnny Caldwell


A panel of women from the world of food and beverage say that the key to handling failure is to look at it as a gift. For some, that may be difficult, but these women know a thing or two about resilience.


A sampling of that advice:


Johnny Caldwell, co-founder of Cocktail Bandits 


"Every time you make a mistake, get back up. It gets easier each time. Be patient with yourself."


Kelly Chu, owner of Red Orchids China Bistro and Cirsea Ice Cream 


"Focus on the silver lining of making mistakes and let the mistakes help  you make better decisions in the future."


Tanya Gurrieri, owner of Salthouse Catering 


"No experience is wasted. Look at failure as a gift."


Nathalie Dupree, cookbook author; national/international cooking show host and personality; one of the founders of Charleston Wine & Food; founder and co-president of two Les Dames d’Escoffier chapters


"Gratitude is a great healer. Every job I ever had taught me a skill I’m still using. Embrace failure!"


Each members ofLes Dames d’Escoffier,they appeared as guests to raise funds for the organization’s scholarships, benefiting women in the food, beverage and hospitality industry. You can help by going to the Donate button on my website.Full disclosure, I serve on the board.


For more advice about recovering from failure and succeeding, listen to theepisode in full here on Hidden F&B.