Joy Campbell

Meet Joy.

She never understood why some people “have” and some don't. And making a difference in someone’s life has been at the forefront of her life, even as a child.

Joy Campbell is a young philanthropist, from Orangeburg SC, born June 13th, 1985, to parents John and Jestine Campbell. After not having children for 11 years of marriage, it seemed suiting to call this baby girl “Joy”. And that she was, always giving and loving and wanting to help others. She was always into everything from choir, track, North Charleston Police Cadets, JROTC, her favorite of all activities was “outreach”. Joy’s motto is, “love God and love God's people”.

Growing up Joy didn't feel like she had a gift or special talent, she just loved to serve others.

“I feel like I spent half my life trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life, where do I fit in, and how can I make it. I always ask myself, “what can I do for somebody else that is less fortunate?”.

Joy’s life changed when her dad introduced her to Mr. Anthony Wright, legendary Charleston Peanut Man. At age 20 Joy went to work with Mr. Wright as a “Peanut Girl”. Through ups and downs, he always told her, “You can be and do whatever you want”, and this encouragement changed her whole life!

“I feel like I spent half my life trying to figure out what I wanted to do in life, where do I fit in, and how can I make it. I always ask myself, “what can I do for somebody else that is less fortunate?”

With Mr. Wright’s support and enthusiasm, and the love of her family, she began an Annual Coat Drive in 2011. Joy’s mission to reach and bless countless individuals and families, has been evident with this successful drive throughout the Charleston area, having distributed over 800+ coats last year. And in last quarter of 2017, Joy even spent 8 weeks in Texas to expand her drive to not only include coats, but also other necessary supplies for the Hurricane Victims in the Houston area.

The list of philanthropy that Joy has spread over the last eight years through sponsorship and partnerships with different business and organizations include the following:

• Providing coats for the less fortunate
• Providing a Christmas party for displaced teens
• Sending 150 underprivileged teens to Prom over a 3-year spanned
• Historical Community Cleanup Day for 300 families with the AIRFORCE Recruiting Office
• Feed The Community project
• A Hygiene Program for 500+ underserved students

Joy realized her dream to serve others and in 2016 founded iServeWithJoy, a 501(c)(3) organization with the purpose and mission to serve the community and world.

In 2017 alone iServeWithJoy partnered with different businesses and organizations to service 1500 families in the Tri-County area.

Also, in 2017 iServeWithJoy added Hurricane Relief Initiative helping over 600 Hurricane Victims in Houston, and over the past 9 months sent 3 trucks to Florida to help out Hurricane Irma Victims in Puerto Rico, with the help of Will Transport and Power to Puerto Rico most loads up to 7000 pound of aid.

They teamed up with the Rotary Club of Charleston, the YMCA (Charleston) and other local businesses and corporate businesses to provide Fresh Start Hygiene Kits for hundreds undeserved students in Charleston area schools.

Most recently Joy has been nominated for the Spotlight Award honoring the nine angels of Mother Emanuel. Joy also serves on the Board for the e3mentoring program at Seacoast Dream Center.

"I am one person with one dream to serve others, and with your continued support, volunteering, and donations, iServeWithJoy will do more to serve the community and world.”