Are You a Go-Getter? How About a Go-Giver?

Think you know the secret to success? Sure, working hard is important, but according to this must-read book, there's something else that's even more important... See it here

By Karen Stawicki (right)


The Go-Giver, a book by Bob Burg and David Mann, has transformed my life.


Almost four years ago, a dear friend had told me that she had been given this book and could not put it down and thought I should read it. She shared with me that when she got to the end she had tears... lots of them. Interesting, I thought.


I read the book in one sitting and you likely will too (I do recommend having a tissue nearby). I then gave the book to my husband while we were on a cruise and he read it in one sitting and then our (then 21-year-old) son did the same one afternoon hanging out poolside. Oh, and yes, when he got to the end of the book, even though he was sporting an awesome pair of Ray Bans… I saw a few tears trickling down his cheeks. He later confided in me that he was glad I gave him the book and said that reading it would forever change his life.


The book raises the question: What are we all looking for? Why do we attend networking groups? Having been in the financial services business for over 30 years, I have seen a lot of prosperity and more recently, a lot of hardship. But in all of it, most recently, I have seen that business is not as usual. People know that we must do things differently. Showing up, shoving a card in someone else’s hands, and expecting that they will call you is something of the past. Today it’s about relationships… period.


As a result of having read this book, I felt compelled to do something, so I started a group that would meet in my office the third Wednesday of every month. We called the group TWAS (Third Wednesday At Stawicki’s) and for more than two years, met every month. The premise of the group was simply to find a way to introduce quality people to quality people… like Pindar in the book, I wanted to be “The Connector.”


That’s what this little red book is all about. Ultimately we learn that the secret to success is GIVING!


This book takes you—along with Joe—on a wonderful journey of truths. Throughout the journey we're introduced to the Five Laws of Stratospheric Succes. As Joe learns each law, he also needs to apply the law the day he learns it….


What a novel idea… how many of us have learned something, actually had an “ah-ha moment” over something that we believed would be life-changing but somehow never got the chance to apply it… And then “poof!” The opportunity's gone. 


I encourage you to pick up a copy of the book and take the journey. I can only tell you that as a result of reading this amazing story, I have bought and shared over 110 copies of the book with people I’ve met, business associates, clients… those I just wanted to bless.


Having just moved here to Charleston two months ago, I am reminded as I share this story with others of the wonderful “chemistry” that just happened through the sharing of The Go-Giver. I’ve already given two copies to people I’ve met in town and am wondering if TWAS might not find a new home here in Charleston soon.


Karen Stawicki has been passionate about sharing her knowledge as it relates to finance but more specifically creating a plan for everyone that she works with that’s based on more than hope! She has been applauded by her clients and others for having a way of making complex, intangible concepts like retirement planning easy to understand and implement.


In addition to her work with investment and retirement planning, Karen loves to speak and is always looking for quality groups to share her stories with. Topics include finance, of course, The Go-Giver, as well as Her Testimony and how Agape Love saved her marriage a decade ago. Karen is married to Greg, her husband of 33+ years, and together they have two children, Samantha and Scott.